Community Guidelines

The Short

We want WanderSeat to be an authentic and safe place for all travelers. Help us foster this community. Post only your own photos and videos and always follow the law. Respect everyone on WanderSeat, don’t spam people or post nudity.

The Long

We created the Community Guidelines so you can help us foster and protect this amazing community. By using WanderSeat, you agree to these guidelines and our Terms of Service. We’re committed to these guidelines and we hope you are too. Overstepping these boundaries may result in deleted content, disabled accounts, or other restrictions.

Help us stay spam-free by not artificially collecting likes, followers, or shares, posting repetitive content or comments, or repeatedly contacting people for commercial purposes without their consent. Don’t offer money or giveaways of money in exchange for any engagement. We require WanderSeat users to provide us with accurate and up-to-date information. Don’t impersonate others and don’t create accounts for the purpose of violating our guidelines or misleading others.

Help us keep the community strong:

For more information, including those with regard to copyright infringement, check out our Terms of Service.

Thank you for helping us create the best travel community in the world,
The WanderSeat Team