The Ecosystem.

Designed to empower travelers with more opportunities to book flights at the best possible prices before THEY CHANGE.

  • Live Prices

    Ticket prices are constantly changing. Our “Deal Feed” is a live stream of the best deals out of your home airport. 

  • WNDR Points

    WNDR points are our currency. They’re given to community members who help convert people into travelers.  

  • Book Flights

    Once your next trip finds you, we create a direct path for you to book. Earn both Airline Rewards & WNDR Points.

  • Discovery Feed

    Discover new destinations through user-generated videos and contribute by adding your own experiences!

  • Integrated Socials

    Attach your socials to your Travel Profile and increase your followings across all channels.

  • Bucket List

    While scrolling through the discovery feed, “Pin” places to your bucket list. We’ll notify you when you should book.

Find The Deals.

Our belief is that traveling is the best education. The more travel opportunities we can provide, the more we can help with personal development. Our “Deal Finders” embody this belief.

Share a Deal

Know of a great deal? Awesome! Submit it and we’ll verify that it exists then post it on our “Deal Feed”.

Collect WNDR

When community members book your deal, you’ll collect WNDR Points. The better your deal, the more bookings.

Fly for Free

Accumulate your WNDR Points and use them when you book your next flight. Collect enough and you’ll fly for free! 

Why Wander?

Let your past journeys create inspiration for the next wanderers while providing you with new travel opportunities.

Recycle Content

Upload your travel Instagram Reels & TikToks to our ecosystem for more opportunities to earn from your content.

Collect WNDR

When your video inspires a community member to book a flight, you’ll collect WNDR points!

Fly for Free

Accumulate your WNDR Points and use them when you book your next flight. Collect enough and you’ll fly for free!

Built by Travelers for Travelers.

We wanted a more efficient way to discover and book flights at great prices, so we built WanderSeat.

  • When you book your flight through WanderSeat, you’ll be able to manage it directly through the airline.
  • WanderSeat allows community members to earn both airline rewards and WNDR points when they book a flight.
  • As you spend time on our “Discovery Feed” scrolling through content, we’ll pick up on your travel preferences to create a custom experience for you.
  • We’ve created a simplistic booking process that allows for reservations to be made easily & fast with complete transparency.

User Generated Videos


Travel Influencers


Deals Found


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Frequently Asked Questions

Below you’ll find some of the most common questions we receive. If you still need assistance, reach out to us via our contact form.

We don’t have a team of deal finders. We rely on our community members to go out and find great flights! When these flights are submitted to us, we verify that the fare is legit and then share it with our community members! When someone from our community books a deal, we reward the “Deal Finder” with WNDR points.

Think of WNDR Points as our way of saying thank you. They are the official reward system of WanderSeat. WNDR Points can be used towards bookings on our platform. While there are a few different ways our community can earn them, the primary one is to inspire & convert a booking.

No. For “Deal Finders” this means the more deals you find (from any airport) and the better your deal is, the more WNDR Points you’ll earn. For “Content Creators” this means the more travel videos you upload and the better they perform, the more WNDR Points you’ll earn. As long as your travel video is on WanderSeat, you’ll have the opportunity to collect WNDR Points in perpetuity. 

We encourage our community members to spend time on the “Discovery Feed”. While you’re scrolling through videos, be sure you tap the “Pin” icon for destinations that entice you. We’ll add these cities and the airports associated with them to your bucket list, and when a deal is posted, we’ll notify you instantly. Our goal is to get you to the places you want to go at the best possible price.

Yes. Airlines use a system called “Dynamic Pricing” which allows for airfare to be in a constant state of change. While some prices will remain the same for a few days or even a week, it is not uncommon for the price of a flight to change 3 times or more in a single day. Our ecosystem is built on a foundation that allows for cost efficient communication of these pricing changes.

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