Top Nine Travel Essentials

March 20, 2020

Before my first trip abroad, I spent months watching Youtube videos and reading blogs to figure out what was essential for international travel. After gaining a little bit of travel experience, here’s my top essentials to help you have a great trip. 🙂

1. External Battery

  • We all know the struggle of trying to find the one outlet that works in the terminal or circling like a vulture waiting for the person using it to leave. Now, with an external battery, you can sit comfortably while your phone charges. You’ll also be the most popular person in your travel group with one of these. I recommend the Anker PowerCore 10000 Portable Charger because it holds multiple charges and contains two USB ports allowing multiple phones to charge at the same time. It also fits great in your purse and won’t take up too much valuable travel space.
  • Tip: Charge it at night and place your purse/wallet next to it, so you won’t forget it when you leave the next day.

2. ReZip Zippered TSA-Compliant Travel Quart Reusable Storage Bag

  • This reusable bag can replace the countless plastic bags used for liquids when traveling. I prefer this bag because the zipper top makes your liquids more secure. It is also extremely sturdy, so you can pack all you need to without worry about the plastic tearing or liquids leaking in your bag. It may seem like a silly purchase when you could just use a plastic bag you already have, but this has honestly been one of my favorite travel purchases. I am able to stuff a lot more toiletries into this because it’s so much studier than a Ziplock bag.

3. Delsey Chatelet Hardshell Spinner 21″

  • Finding the perfect carry-on can be a struggle, and honestly, everyone has their own opinion on which is the best, especially those with an affiliate code. After watching an embarrassing number of Youtube videos on different carry-on luggage, I chose the Delsey Chatelet. I chose this for two main reasons: fashion and functionality. I love that this suitcase stands out. When I’ve checked it, it’s super easy to spot on the luggage carousel, and it looks great when traveling through the airport. I have the white version, which does get dirty but most dirt comes off when cleaning it. This bag is also great because there is a lot of storage space. I took it with me to Copenhagen during the winter and was able to easily fit all my bulky clothing in it.
  • Tip: Once you find the luggage you want, check eBay to see if it’s on there at a lower price. I was able to get my Delsey for only $100 because it had been a floor model, and it was basically brand new.

4. Worldwide All in One Universal Power Adapter

  • Adapters are essential when traveling abroad. If you plan to travel a lot, go with a worldwide adapter, so you don’t have to keep getting new ones depending on where you’re traveling. Most adapters now include USB ports, which is very handy. Don’t worry about a voltage convertor either because it’s pretty much pointless. Instead, make sure your straightener or curler is dual voltage.

5. Face Masks

  • I cannot stress the importance of face masks enough when traveling. It is the perfect refreshment for your skin after a long day of travel and the grime of the airport. Whether a sheet mask or a travel size of your favorite mask, you won’t regret making space for it. Summer Fridays Jet Lag or R&R are great options. I also love Fresh’s Lotus Youth Preserve Rescue Mask.
  • Tip: When shopping at Sephora or similar stores, check the free samples for face masks and save them for travel. I usually wait to order until Sephora has deluxe samples that can be useful travel sizes.

6. Calpak Stevyn Duffle

  • The Stevyn Duffle made my list because of the useful zippered bottom compartment that is excellent for storing shoes. I hate having to pack shoes in my carry-on in the same vicinity of my clothes, and this duffle offers the perfect solution to it. It also has a luggage sleeve, so you can easily store it on top of your carry-on. It is very spacious as well.

7. GlobeConvert App

  • Conversion apps are essential when traveling, so you can stay on track of money easily. Familiarize yourself with the foreign currency rates before traveling, so you won’t have a mini-panic attack when pulling cash from an ATM. When I was in Hungary, I felt very nervous pulling 16,258 Forint even though it was only $50USD. I prefer conversion apps to using Google because data can be unreliable at times when abroad.
  • Tip: Put the app on your home screen, so you have easy access.

8. Fenty Gloss Bomb

  • With travel space limited, makeup space is super valuable. I love traveling with my Fenty Gloss Bomb in Fenty Glow because it’s universal and fits every occasion. It’s perfect for both day and night. It’s also hydrating, so your lips won’t get cracked.
  • Tip: Purchase the Bomb Baby set to get a mini Gloss Bomb and Killawatt highlighter. Both are perfect for travel and last a super long time.

9. Kelty Redwing 44

  • For your backpacking needs, the Kelty Redwing 44 is an excellent option. I have used it as a carry-on without any problem. It’s very comfortable to wear even when packed to the brim. I used this during an extended trip in Europe and was able to fit more than I needed. It has multiple compartments to help you stay organized easily. It’s also easy to adjust to fit various heights comfortably.
  • Tip: Place fabric softener sheets inside your luggage to help keep your clothes smell fresh.

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